CalacanisCast Beta 3 with Brian Alvey (and special guest) from Web 2.0 Conference

You asked for interviews… you get interviews.

CalacanisCast is up… episode three

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Question 1: Show Name
What do you guys think of Brian’s suggestion for the name of the show?

Update1: Audio Comments
Thanks for the 10+ audio comments people sent in… I have them ready for CalacanisCast Beta 4.

Update2: Show Notes
I don’t want to do show notes… in fact, I’m banning anyone else from doing show notes. You either listen to the show or you don’t. You want to know what’s on the show you listen, not scan the notes. Either you commit to the show just as I’m committing to do the show or you don’t. Please stop asking for show notes–it’s not gonna happen.

Update3: Jersey Todd
I love this guys Jersey Todd song that Adam Curry plays… I can’t stop singing it. I wish someone would do a promo like this with Brian’s new show name that he mentions in this weeks show. It’s such an amazing name for the show i can’t believe I didn’t think of it. I can just hear it in a dozen different contexts, and I can’t wait to see the reaction to Brian’s show name–people are gonna freak out.

Question2: Marantz Compact Flash Recorder
We recorder the show on one of these…. should I get one? Crazy expensive at like $500+ right? Maybe there is a $200 version of this (if not someone get on it!)

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