I don’t want to blog

So I’m at the Web 2.0 conference right now and I’ve got about 20 things to tell you guys. However, I don’t feel like blogging… I just want to podcast it. It feels like if I write what’s going on you’re not going to get the real experience of hearing my voice.

However, I’m sitting here with my Sony laptop at my hotel waiting for the coffee to arrive and it turns out this thing doesn’t even have a microphone built in–ugh. Come on Sony… you can’t sell $2,000 laptops and leave out the $2 microphone!

Anyway, I’m going to download the CastBlaster software today (hope I don’t have to pay to have it on my laptop and my home computer–that’s a deal breaker right there), and go buy a microphone so I can talk to you guys.

Thanks for the great feedback on CalacanisCast Betas 1&2… and thanks for the audio feedback from one person. That’s sooooooooo… cool. Getting someone to send you an mp3 file with their thoughts on the show s that I can play it on Episode 3 is very cool.

So, if you have something you want to say on show 3 send me an mp3. I don’t care what it is, I’ll play it. You can promote your company, your blog, tell me I’m an idiot, or talk about something totally random–I will play it. Just send me an mp3 or wav file to jason at calacanis dot com.

Rock on!

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