Venture Capital Podcasts

There are two great venture capital podcast that you should subscribe to right now:

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1. VentureCast with the really smart Dave Hornick of VentureBlog and August Capital. Dave is a happy go lucky kind of guy, always smiling and joking around at industry events. So, I sort of bucketed him into a sort of “typical VC” when I met him. Most VCs don’t specialize in ideas, but rather finding talent and scaling businesses. I assumed he was one of those cookie-cutter VCs–I was wrong. He’s really a smart guy with a lot of passion and his podcast brings that out.

Ironically, his blog doesn’t bring that out. This has nothing to do with him, but everything to do with the two mediums (audio and text). Podcasting is a much more nuanced and intimate medium when compared to blogging. The same way blogging took on MSM because it was more intimate, podcasting is doing blogging. Now, you give up a lot when you podcast when compared to blogging (i.e. links, searchable txt, etc), but you gain that intimacy. Don’t get me wrong I love blogging, but podcasting is just so much better at getting to know people. His partner on the show is Craig Syverson who doesn’t know much about venture capital, giving him the ability to ask very basic questions in an authentic way (i.e. this week he asked “what is angel investing… a loan?!”).

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2. VentureVoice
is a straight up interview show hosted by a “kid” named Gregory Galant. I met him at a meetup a year or so ago… very persistent but pleasant (rare combination). I was on show #38, and his last two guests were Reid Hoffman and Guy Kawasaki. What I love about this podcast is that the interviewer isn’t really a professional radio guy (far from it), so he doesn’t really take over the show… in fact it’s up to the guests to fill the dead air–which when you’re interviewing CEOs is not hard to do (we’re all more than willing to fill the dead air :-). Also, the show goes on and on… which I love. I think podcasts get good at around 40-50 minutes. The first 30 minutes is just people settling in.

… anyway, those are two podcast I listen to every episode of and I want to encourage the folks doing them to keep up the weekly pace. VentureCast took six months off, and VentureVoice is averaging one show a month. You guys need to hit the weekly or every two week mark in order for me to keep you in circulation… podcating every three or seven weeks just doesn’t cut it. 🙂

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