Newspaper circulation decline — I’m loving this.

Every other day Jarvis talks about the circulation decline at newspapers like this:

The image

I’ve already had one investment group targeting the acquisition of a major “newspaper in trouble” ask me to join their effort. I declined because it would have been the two or three slot in the company (which is not really rewarding for me). However, watching this industry come apart has been absolutely fascinating to me, and the fact that folks can’t figure out the obvious place for print in this world is just shocking. Come on people, this is really simple… wake up and accept the fact that 90% of your audience does not want a newspaper on their doorstep every day. Why these executives are so obsessed with dead trees is bizarre to me–it’s the message NOT the medium people!

Sometimes I wish I was unemployed, because if I was I would get my own investment group together and start buying a couple of these distressed properties and turn them around. This is one of the best opportunities in business today…

One thought on “Newspaper circulation decline — I’m loving this.

  1. Were it not so pathetic, it’d be amusing that journalists & their ilk attempt to lay the blame for the decline in circulation of newspapers & news magazines upon, variously, TV, the internet, cable news & the failure of publishers to invest enough in their businesses, but the truth is quite something else.

    The MSM is in freefall in the U.S. because its news & editorial rooms are infested with Leftists who attemept to seve up Leftist propaganda as “the news.” These folks are out-of-touch with the reality that America remains a Center/Right nation not receptive to the agenda of the Left.

    It’s no accident that “The New York Post” and “Orange County Register,” conservative papers, have not lost substantial circulation as have other, Left-leaning, publications.

    The solution to repairing news paper circulation is staring journalists in the face, but they in denial refuse to accept the truth, let alone solve the problem.

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