Wikipedia Signpost covers the debate–in a very NPOV way. (or “Wikipedia will be the #1 site on the Internet in 36 months”)

The Wikipedia’s Signpost newsletter covered the debate over advertising on Wikipedia in a very fair and balanced way (aka NPOV), for which I thank them.

I have great respect for the Wikipedia and the community, and I believe that the Wikipedia is destined to be the #1 site on the Internet. In fact, I think that will happen in the next 24-36 months. When Wikipedia becomes the number one site on the Internet the whole debate of valuation will go away–it will be invaluable at the point. Discussing the value of the Wikipedia will soon become academic because it will truly be invaluable.

As we approach that moment it is important that Wikipedia become sustainable and my efforts are only with that goal in mind–helping Wikipedia remain 100% independent and sustainable. I don’t think I have all the solutions, in fact I think I have a handful of solutions based on my experience in running advertising supported businesses on the Web. If the community is dead-set against that model I of course respect that. However, it would be nice if the discussion could occur without the character assassination. Although at the end of the day I’m fine with the attacks if it moves the discussion forward and raises more awareness for Wikipedia and making it sustainable.

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