Our best blog launch ever… thanks team AOL!

StyleDash.com was the best launch in the history of Weblogs, Inc. thanks to the support of AOL and their traffic machine. The graph below is from SiteMeter which we’ve found is about 5-10% less than our internal stats.

It shows 1.5M pages in month one and almost 2M pages in month two. It used to take us 12-18 months to get a blog to 1M pages… now we start at 1M pages. That’s the power of scale, and that’s been the biggest lesson I’ve learned at AOL: how to build a “scale business.”

AOL could literally launch a new media property every two and get them to critical mass, and that’s a conversation I’ve been trying to have with folks since I’ve gotten here. TMZ and BloggingStocks.com are the other two great example of AOL instantly building a leading brand. BloggingStocks broke 1M pages in months five and six. That’s really the value of Weblogs, Inc. inside of AOL… the ability to build vertical leading brands with AOL’s massive traffic and amazing sales group (called AMN: AOL Media Networks).

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