Keep calling them out…

Update: Seems Krebs was onto the story around the same time as Xeni, but Xeni got the story out first. I would still say WashPost should give her credit for breaking it–that’s how it works. I mean, 20 people might have heard rumors about the YouTube and Google talks but TechCrunch broke the story, and as such they should get the credit.


Kudos to Sean Bonner for stepping in and standing up for Xeni (and bloggers breaking news everywhere) when Washington Post journo Brian Krebs cribbed her story WITHOUT CREDIT.

We’ve seen some great examples of MSM giving credit to bloggers (the WSJ giving credit to Arrington for his huge YouTube/Google story come to mind), but there are still journalists out there who steal stories from the blogosphere every day. These same folks would never steal from another MSM publication because they know they would get called out for it. So, given that, it only makes sense that we call them out when they steal from us. That is the only solution to the problem, and bloggers should not feel bad about standing up for themselves or each other.

Kudos to all the bloggers who are not afraid to stand up to MSM like: Rafat, Om, Arrington, and Sean. Keep fighting the fight…

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