Congrats to Reddit and JotSpot

Two of my favorite startups were acquired this week: Jot and Reddit. Congrats to both teams for a) making a great product and b) finding amazing homes for their amazing products. I use both products on a daily basis and i can tell you they really are great.

It’s so great to see people build innovative products and get rewarded for doing so–we live in a great country. Capitalism may have it’s problems–be it Enron or the polarization of wealth–but at the end of the day it’s still the best system going. Smart folks get rewarded for creating value, it really is that simple.

Mike Arrington–who’s product is getting better and better every day–broke the story and has an interview with the foudners of Reddit here. (I get a mention as the only person who ever made Kevin Rose “lose it” according to Mike–cute).

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