Spike the Vote joins blogosphere axis of evil (or the social news black list)

Today SpikeTheVote joins PayPerScamPost in my Internet axis of evil. The site is a place for folks to trade their votes on the social news site digg. The person creating the system says they will be going after Netscape next.

Warning: anyone using these systems on Netscape will have their account *and* domain banned from Netscape. We will catch you using these systems by watching voting patterns or having insiders forward us information, so I highly recommend folks do not engage these scams. If you are a fan of social news please understand that it is a privilege to engage in these systems, and if you do something destructive you will lose that privilege.

I know Kevin and digg take a hands off approach to policing the site, but at Netscape we take an ACTIVE role in cleaning our site. In two seconds we can ban “SPAMMERDOMAIN.COM” for 30 days, 3 months, a year, or indefinitely. When a spammer comes into the system we ban it. We put these folks into the same category. Your vote has value, but you can’t sell your vote in the democratic systems or it turns into a marketplace. We are not a marketplace–we’re a social news site.

I’m going to ping Kevin and see if he will join me and creating a social news black list to put any domains from SpikeTheVote into. We can have our tech teams share a common domain name and URL list of banned stories/sites in about… ummm… an hour. So, if folks are serious about creating these scam sites we will get serious about banning them.

Note: In a related story PayPerPost says they are going to clean up their act soon. If it is anything short of complete disclosure at the top of every paid post and 100% disclosure that is unacceptable and it will fail.

Note2: Technorati is becoming so filled with spam it is sad. It feels like 90% of the spam is from scrapper sites on blogspot.com.

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