I think PayPerPost is going to come clean… (or playing startup poker)

Well, that was a busy weekend huh? So much for taking it easy. ๐Ÿ™‚

The PayPerPost folks have essentially thrown up the white flag saying that “we get it” and transparency “is on their radar.” That is–in my opinion–a fancy way of saying “we know what we’re doing is wrong, but we don’t want to admit that so look for us to slowly change our policies and clean up our act.”

My guess is that within 30 days they will force their bloggers to disclose their paid posts (probably at the bottom of the post not the top), and they will make the list of advertisers on the site public. I mean, folks are already posting the advertisers names all over the place anyway, so they might as well get credit for it.

I’ve done my job.

I’ve held the line on deceptive marketing and endured the attacks that I’m doing this for some personal gain (like I really need an extra thousand pages views on my blog… yeah right). Some folks tell me I shouldn’t get bent out of shape about these things, but I really can’t stand covert and deceptive marketing and I feel that the only way to stop it is to put it under as much direct sunlight as possible.

… anyway, it’s all entrepreneurial poker. Folks come up and sit at the table in the hopes of winning. Some folks put their headphones on and wear sunglasses during a poker game, while others like to chat the other players up. It’s all part of the game… and this is all a game.

[Insert clever transition here]

I’ve started playing poker with my old friend Josh Harris (the founder of Jupiter Communications and the first podcast network Pseudo) recently. This weekend we played in a tournament. It was a total blast. They have 10 tables that start shortly after one another with 10 players at each. It costs $120 for a seat (cheap!) at a table and the winner from each of the ten tables get to play at the big game at the end of the night. The end table has a prize of $10,000. So, if you can beat 19 other players (over two tables) you win $10,000 bucks–I like those odds.

The casino makes $1,200 for each table, or $12,000 for the night, and gives back $10,000 to the winner. This seems like a money-losing proposition to me (given the staff, rent, and lights), but maybe they have these games to get people into the casino.

I played four times and came in 10th once, 3rd twice, and second place once. I played for like five hours, so the $480 bucks I lost was cheaper than getting a poker tutor I guess. Josh played three or four times as well and he made it to the final table.

It turns out I’m not half bad at poker. Being a novice I used a very simple strategy: I only bet when I had *great* cards and I made the amount I bet on those great cards random. So, I might come in for $200 on pocket queens or I might go all in–or I might bet $25. By doing this the folks at the table who are good players started to get very confused while reading into my strategy. That was exactly my plan: if they spent their time confused about what I was doing they might stop thinking about the cards in their hands and make mistakes. It really worked.

I don’t know if this is a good strategy for poker (Wil?), but I can tell you that the folks at the table thought I was some sort of card shark who plays professionally and this was the second time I’ve ever played poker in a casino.

[Insert clever transition here]

Do I care about PayPerPost? Am I doing it for the ratings? Was I bored this weekend? Am I pulling a Jaffe/Curry? Is this about attention? Could PayPerPost work as AuthenticPost? Was this all planned by me and PPP in advance? You have to pay to see my cards.

2 thoughts on “I think PayPerPost is going to come clean… (or playing startup poker)

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