Looks like the show is a go… but with who!?!?

Quick update on “Calacanis Cast” — the working title for my weekly radio show…. it looks like we have three or four interested parties, and that the show will be able to generate at least $50-100k a year in revenue ($1-2k a show) AT LEAST.

I’m so excited about this… I’ve wanted to do my show for a long time, and having such great partners interested in helping me help Bay Ridge Prep (the school I’m on the board of in Bay Ridge Brooklyn). We’re going to provide a four-year, private school education for someone who could never afford it… think about that, a $12-15,000 a year experience, 15-20 students per class, and amazing teachers for a family and student that could never afford it… this is gonna be big.

I’m really going to pour my heart into the show… I’m gonna lean on all the A-List folks I know and get them to be on… I can’t wait to start calling folks like Fred Wilson, Mark Cuban, Xeni Jardin from Boingboing, Jon Miller/Ted Leonsis/Jim Bankoff from AOL, Nick Denton from Gawker, Kevin Rose from DIGG, Esther Dyson, Brian Alvey/Peter Rojas/Judith Meskill from Weblogs, Inc, Chris DeWolf/Shawn Gold from MySpace… gosh, the list goes on and on.

50 shows a year… it’s gonna be amazing!

Whoever winds up hosting the show I promise you this: I’m gonna promote the heck out of you! Prepare for a loving, personalized advertisement in every show….

xoxoxoxoxo j


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