Buy my show! (or “send a couple of disadvantaged kids to private school”)

Update: I’ve had a couple of serious offers to sponsor my show (for charity). This is the coolest thing ever… I’m gonna do 50 shows/hours a year (might break some shows into two 30 minute things). Someone already came in a with a huge offer–can’t say who or how much right now, but it is significant. Wow…. we’re gonna help some kids get into a really great school that they could have never gotten into–this could be huge. This is mind blowing! I’m going to leave the offer process open til the end of the week and make a decision over the weekend.


I’ve been loving doing the Gillmor Gang for the past couple of months, as well as being a guest on shows like TWiT, Web 2.0, and BuzzOut Loud. You know, I used to do the Silicon Alley Reporter show on Pseudo back in 1996-1999, and I’ve decided I want to start up my show again.

Given that there are networks like PodTech and PodShow out there who have infrastructure I’d like to partner with someone on my show. I need someone to produce (I’ve got a freelance producer in mind), and I need a home for it.

If one of these big networks wants to do a show with me I’ll promote it all over the place, promote their network, and do an hour show each week (or two or three smaller shows). I’m on the road at various events and I can get A-list guests… so that’s a big plus I guess.

In exchange I’d like a talent fee that we will donate to help disadvantaged kids go to a private school I’m on the board of in Brooklyn.

So, if someone does this they would do it for the promotional value of having me on their network–not really as a business.

However, as part of the show I’ll promote it on my blog permanently on the top of the blog AND I’ll personally read up to three commercials during the show. Valleywag will report on the show every week–I can tell you that! If anyone is interested in being the home of the Calacans show let me know.

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