“Bloggers gone wild” … yeah right.

What a riot… Mark Pincus blogs in an honest and up front way his experiences at Harvard and a guy named Murry Gunty who rigged a school election (loser!). The Washington Post covers the story today and takes the LOSERS side and makes Mark out to be someone making personal attacks. Hello!?!??! Mark is writing a personal blog about a loser who is such a loser that he has to CHEAT at a school election. That’s a great personal story and that is EXACTLY what blogging is about.

Mark responds here.

They mention that the Wikipedia took down the Murry Gunty page… well, now that Murry has been on A1 of the WSJ and the Washington Post he certainly *is* a notable figure. Let’s get that wikipedia page up and running again.

… and no, I don’t mean to pile on, but WTF with the Washington Post making this into a “bloggers out of control” story… nice spin dude. Way to circle the wagons… I wonder if the author of the story has some connection to Murry Gunty. My *guess* is the author of the WashPost piece is a FOAF or something.

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