Looking for two serious journalists for Netscape

Looking for two serious journalists for Netscape… folks who know how to pick up the phone and who have spent 3-5 years working at a daily newspaper or daily wire.

We need serious journalists with serious journalism experience and training–not citizen journalists (we got tons of them!).

I need old-school folks… folks who know how to *advance* the story.

Work from home, get paid well, blown out hardware, and tons of freedom… we just ask that you do a killer job.


Note: Yes, Netscape is growing again after three years of losing traffic… now, we’re not popping Champagne corks *just* yet, but we’ve stabilized and are now trending up–mission 70% accomplished. 🙂 We are a growth business again and we’re hiring a dozen folks over the next 3-4 months… I love it when a plan comes together.

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