Maxim vs. AskMen vs. Blender on Netscape

It seems the very smart folks over at,, and have gotten into a little battle to see who can get more stories to the Netscape homepage. Funny.

From what I can tell from the voting pattern these folks work at (or just love the site):

… and these folks work at (or love)

You can see the Blender stories tagged here:

NetscapeDevs: I wish we could search the site by domain name fyi.

To the folks at Maxim and AskMen I ask a couple of favors:

1. Don’t create multiple accounts (sockpuppets) and vote for your own stories.
2. Please be involved in the Netscape community outside of promoting your own sites. Vote for other stories, submit other news stories, and post comments on other news stories.
3. Don’t group vote.
4. Put where you work in in your bio on your member page. I think it’s best to be upfront that you work for the sites you do. There is no rule against putting your own stories up… so say who you are!

If you stay away from those first three votes you’ll be cool. If you break those first three votes you will set off the alarms (computer and community) and your site could get banned for two weeks/three months/a year (check the FAQ for details).

Other than that… digg ‘Scape on!

Note to folks gaming : Be careful… we can obviously track IP and email addresses, and your voting records are public so if you’re gaming (to much) you will get put in the sandbox.

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