This week is the worst travel schedule I’ve had in years thanks to some double booking.

Yesterday I had a 6AM flight from LAX to Dallas. Woke up at 4AM, threw myself into the shower, got to Dallas, checked in, called into the ThisNext board meeting, did a keynote at NAB/Jacobs Media Summit, crashed for couple of hours, woke up at 11PM, ate dinner, went to bed at 1AM, got up today at 5AM, at the airport now for 7AM flight to Washington, Keynote at big company in Washington, then four more hours back to Dallas for panel tomorrow at NAB, then lunch, than back to LA.

Total sleep over three days ~15 hours.
Total flight/travel time over three days ~22.

Complete bust of a week in terms or productivity, but getting out there are spreading the good word always helps. This one day turn around stuff is killing me these days. I much prefer the show up a day early, stay a day later, and relax a little bit model.

Some folks I know travel every week, others travel like once or twice a year. Frankly, I don’t know how some sales folks do it. Four or five trips a month, year-after-year–brutal.

Right now I just want to be home with my wife, my dog, my HDTV, some Law & Order episodes, my 30″ Dell monitor, my perfect 70 degree Santa Monica weather, and my convertable cruising around town looking for some pickup games. Oh yeah, I’m getting a cold too…. travel sucks! Times like this I wish I had my own jet–that would take the edge off for sure.

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