Netscape & digg age distribution

Our Navigators are amazing… they don’t just put in great stories but they do cool things like this poll to find out the age difference between digg and Netscape. As you can see digg is very, very young and Netscape is very evenly distributed. That makes sense since Netscape’s traffic is mainly from the browser and old portal, and digg was built on a core group of techies similar to Engagdget and Slashdot.

Also, digg is 94% male, and Netscape is essentially balanced male/female.

I wish they had done 55-60, 60-65, 65-70, 70-80, etc. for the ages so we didn’t have that big chunk of over 55. I think it’s execellent that Netscape has the range of ages–more diversity is a good thing. Not that digg should have a problem with so many young folks–that’s great for tech (and expected).

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The age of the average Digger was found out using this poll.

Digg Age

The age of the average user was found using this poll.
Netscape Age

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