Cuban: Nice knowing you YouTube.

Cuban breaks YouTube down, and our thinking is in synch (it normally is):

a) take away the copyrighted videos and YouTube is just another hosting company and
b) YouTube is the new Napster and their fate will be the same.

More here:

Also, I don’t think any of the big media companies are desperate enough for YouTube’s traffic to buy their company/impending lawsuits and collapse.

In fact, if someone at the company I worked for made a run at YouTube I would fight it to my last dying breath for a) our shareholders and b) the fact that there is no long-term business model stealing people’s content. I know executives from the other big media/Internet companies and they have a similar “hell no!” approach to acquiring YouTube. That’s why you see everyone making their own syndicated video services–we all know that YouTube is on the brink of extinction.

That being said, their traffic is impressive. 🙂

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