Sports in HD–wow.

I haven’t been an avid fan of the NFL for the couple of years. I’ve gotten busy with life, and watching the Knicks lose takes up most of my time and psychic energy. However, now that I’ve finally upgraded my TV and Direct TV to high-def I’ve started watching football again. I’m watching the Giants get their butts kicked right now in fact and it is glorious in HD.

If you’re a sports fan I can’t imagine ever watching sports in anything but HD after you get a taste of the clarity, brightness, and colors.

Yesterday I even watched–wait for it–NASCAR for 20 minutes on Cuban’s HDNET. This technology really does change the experience in a huge way–right up there with time-shifting/Tivo. People talk about the death of TV but frankly I don’t see it. Between Tivo, HD, and massive jump in quality programming TV is getting better and better. If they get downloads rights (note: .50 to .99 cents a show sounds right to me in terms of pricing) TV is gonna keep growing.

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