Netscape Video Launches

In case you didn’t notice we just added a bunch of basic syndicated video features to Netscape (a la YouTube).

If you see the Netscape video link (in yellow in the first image below) and you click it the list of stories will expand (image two circled in red below) to show you the cool new Netscape Flash-based media player (same at YouTube, Uncut, or Revver). What’s nice about this is you don’t have to leave the page and you don’t have to click through to the permalink page. Sure, we’re gonna lose a ton of page views, but we’re helping the users consumer more content quicker–and that will make them love us more. As we all know, f you show more love to your users you’re gonna win in the long-run. [ Note: hat tip to Ted who is all about the love. ]

Note: A couple of weeks ago we added the best feature of MySpace–site mail–to Netscape. This week we added the best feature of YouTube–a syndicated, Flash player–to Netscape. What feature do you think we should/will add next and why? The comments are open. 🙂

Here is a sample.

… here is what happens after you click watch video… the player opens up without a page refresh!

… and of course you can take videos from Netscape and syndicate thm to your own blog. Upload tools are not opn to the public yet, but will be shortly.

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