YouTube’s real business: vomments

I’ve busted on YouTube for not having a business model for a long time. However, over the past couple of months I’ve seen the future of YouTube and it’s a bunch of wacky folks who feel the need to make video tape comments (as opposed to the no-longer wacky folks who comment with text). For example, I found this funny video on YouTube (via Netscape) in which someone orders every single item on the McDonald’s menu. This wacky dude decides he has to respond–with a video.

In 90% of cases I bet YouTube does not have the rights two the second video, but they do have the rights to these webcam videos. A huge amount of folks are making vomments (video comments) to this whole Lonely Girl scandal. So the real question is what advertisers wants to have the ads before, after, and /or around these videos?

… or maybe you just build up enough of these folks and do a Google deal to dump them more search traffic like MySpace did for $900M.

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