ShopCasting with ThisNext

My old partner from back in the Silicon Alley Reporter days (and recently Blogsmith), Gordon Gould, recently asked me to be on the board of his new startup company ThisNext. The concept, like most good ones, is very simple: people log their favorite products and why to share with their friends. I immediatly said says, and his team is doing an amazing job building out the idea over the past couple of months.

It’s sort of like taking “The Tipping Point” concepts and making them into a product you can actually use. For example, as the community grows you’ll be able to see who recommended a product first. After some period of time you might be able to find the people who are good at finding–or creating–trends. Neat huh?

The resulting product is one that helps you find products to buy–the idea being that your trust your friends more than you trust the guy at the local TV store or even Zagats (which I know I do!).

As you may have noticed I’ve added a “shopcasting” widget from ThisNext which shows what products I’m blogging about–or bookmarking–at their site. I don’t make any money from sales of these items, and I only write about stuff that I really care about and like. In others words I’m authentic when making suggestions on ThisNext.

Go check out ThisNext and put your username in the comments below so I can see what you’re talking about!

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