Tivo Series 3–should I get it?

I’m getting Direct TV HD next week and I didn’t order an HD Tivo (going to slum it with my existing one). Today HDBeat says they think the new series 3 tivo is worth the $800 asking price.

I have to say that TV is getting absurdly expensive. My Direct TV bill is going to be like $125 a month with HD, and my TV was $3,500. They want $1,000 for an HD DVD player, and now Tivo wants their piece.

People keep talking about the death of TV, but from what I can see the TV folks are making BANK with all these new services and features. They just pulled me off the sidelines after 10+ years with my old TVs. Now I feel like I can’t NOT have HD-everything. I don’t play console games but I feel like I have to get an XBOX 360 just to see what the 1080p signal looks like on my new baby.

I’m starting to think I should have stayed on the sidelines another year!

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