First new TV in 12 years: Samsung 4696D

I’ve been waiting to buy a new HD TV for… ummm…. about a decade. My last TV purchase was a 32″ Sony XBR I bought back in 94/95 when I worked at SONY.

I broke down and bought a 46″ LCD TV with 1080p (1080p is the best HD you can get basically… Peter and Ryan over at Engadget love LCDs and they told me to make sure I get a 1080p, no 720 or 1080i). I’ve got the HD DirectTV coming next week, just in time to watch my Knicks get blown out by 20 points in HD. I was going to buy the HD DVD player yesterday but it’s $1,000! I think I’ll wait a year for it to come down to $500.

I love the LCD look… it is soooo bright from all angels.

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