Blog or die.

I’ve been begging various product managers to start blogs at AOL, and many have started. Some folks I talk to at AOL–and other companies–tell me they don’t have the time to blog.
Great point about blogging every day Ryan. It’s true, you need to be out there on a regular basis.

Here is what I say to product folks who tell me they don’t have the time to blog:

If you are in the Internet industry and you don’t have time to blog about your product then you should quit. Go home, give up, and find another career. Your competitors are blogging about their products and talking to the market, and there is no way to compete if you don’t engage the discussion. So, by not blogging you basically are giving up and telling the market that you don’t care. That’s the honest truth.

Blog or die!

You can’t compete in the web-development space without a blog any more. Period, end of story.

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