Ten more navigators makes 20 (or “Proving Benkler wrong one day at a time…”)

OK, that’s a hyperbolic title, but it’s become clear in a very short period of time that hiring the top bookmarkers is a not a good idea–it’s a great idea! Benkler is much smarter than I am, no one is gonna debate that, but when it comes to building a business I wouldn’t bet on the academics over the kid from Brooklyn. 🙂

Voting, comments, and a number of other factors have doubled (or tripled) over the past two weeks at Netscape since we hired our first 10 Navigators. These folks are doing an AMAZING job of not only putting in good stories, but they are building the community by *teaching* and *showing* folks how to be good citizens on a social bookmarking site. That is really what this is about, training folks on how to be members of the community and truth be told I’ve learned a lot from the Navigators and Benkler on that subject–it is the key.

As a result of the success I’m thrilled to announce we are hiring 10 more Navigators. We’ve filled five of these ten positions so far, so we have 15 or 20 slots filled. You’ll know many of the names:

  1. Muhammad, aka #9 msaleem from Digg
    Digg profile | Netscape profile
  2. Ryan, aka #10 capn-caveman from Digg
    Digg profile | Netscape profile
  3. Roy, aka schestowitz from Digg
    Digg profile | Netscape profile
  4. Kam, aka _kam0_ #2 from Redditt & from Delicious
    Reddit profile | Netscape profile | Delicious profile
  5. Tim Loftis, who has submitted over 1000 posts and counting to Netscape–and is our #1 Member!!!
    Netscape Profile

I’m most proud of that last one. Tim Loftis is our #1 user and he has been a social bookmarking machine having submitted over 1,000 stories in under two months. My plan was to wait for 3-6 months to see which users were really performing, but it’s clear Tim is a star and we wanted to recognize that (please join me in congratulating him!).

At this point we’re looking for folks outside of the technology space, and if you want to try and land one of these slots the best way to impress us is by participating at Netscape. We’re going to try and hire a person a week for the next couple of weeks.

We are looking for folks to take on channels like:

  • Real Estate
  • Autos
  • Love & Personals
  • Religion
  • Careers & Jobs
  • Shopping
  • Do No Evil
  • Music
  • Family
  • Pets
  • Gay & Lesbian

NOTE: This whole “paying folks to bookmark” thing is an experiment. We could cancel the program at any time for any reason. We might expand it at any time–who the heck knows, it’s an experiment! We’re not gonna hire everyone, in fact we are going to hire very few folks–it’s an experiment. We can’t guarantee anything–this is an experiment (did I mention this is an experiment?). In order to be considered send your user account information to CK (at) weblogsinc.com (i.e. your newsvine, reddit, delicious, digg, netscape accounts), and be a productive member of the community. We want to hire from the community as much as possible… but this is an experiment and we reserve the right to cancel the program at any time for any reason. (yes, the legal department wants me to be very clear about things if you have not noticed. 🙂

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