Dave: I’ve seen so many articles on Wikipedia on subjects that I know that are just plain wrong, and when I try to fix it, the fix gets undone within minutes. Sorry I’m not willing to commit my life, or a big portion of it, to a Wikipedia page. So mistakes live on, sometimes big ones.

Fred: Yes companies need to have privacy policies. And yes they need to adhere to them. And yes, they shouldn’t be making public people’s search queries. And yes, consumers should be able to easily opt out of these targeting approaches.But cookies and stored search queries are good things. They make it possible for web services to deliver relevancy in advertising, something no other media has been able to deliver efficiently and reliably.

Jeff has a great tag on exploding newspapers. I’ve been thinking about newspapers a lot since Dan Gillmor’s journalism event at Harvard 10 days ago. In another 18-24 months newspapers are gonna hit the bottom and I think I’m gonna swoop in and try and buy one, build out the online portion, and buy a local TV station to go with it. Newspapers are not dead, they just have another purpose in life. “I’m watching you” guys (say in DeNiro voice from Meet the Parents/Fockers while pointing the piece symbol into your eyes for extra effect :-).

Filled under “hello?!?!” — there is no A, B, or C list in the blogosphere people. There is your list, my list, and the entire list. No one is blocking anyone, no one is in a position of power, it’s flat… you can do whatever you want–stop crying about it and post something interesting.

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