AOL Gets it–5 GIG of storage free!!!

For the past four or five months I’ve been badgering everyone at AOL I can talk to about how we have to be the first person to give away a large amount of free storage. It’s obvious that someone would do this, but no one has.

I so, so proud that after many, many discussions about this issue we are the first person to make a huge bet like this.

AOL IS GIVING AWAY 5GIG of storage space–FOR FREE!!!!!

This is so huge… people need backup space, and I think free storage is a no-brainer because advertisers are going to love supporting something this important.

Great job guys!

On a side note, AOL is going to have a MAJOR resurgence over coming years as we invest in free services for our members. We have an amazing advertising team and our ad revenues are booming. Add to our amazing advertising sales force that fact that we are giving away great free products and we’re gonna come back from “the dark years” and “the call.” I love being the underdog.

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