The truth shall make you free…

The truth about social news is coming out, and it is exactly as I expected: the top 10 DIGG users are responsible for 30% of the home page stories.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

From DIGGtrends (via ZD):

  • “As per Kevin, there are 444,809 registered users, out of these only 2287 contributed one or more story for the period of 6/19/2006 9:31:28 PM to 7/30/2006 4:41:34 PM, may be most of the users just digg & not submit any story, remember the 1% rule?”

Think about that… only 2,000 out of 400k users submitted a story. That’s .5% of users actually submit a story–I guess the 1% rule is really the .5% rule! 🙂

The folks at DiggTrends also want to know who we hired as Navigators… we’ll announce that later today. I think we have three of the top 20 DIGG users (and two from the top 10!). We also hired from Newsvine, delicious, and Reddit top users. I really hope this model works and we can grow from 12 paid Navigators to 100! It’s really up to the 12 folks we hire to make things happen… if they can build Netscape I can easily make the case to hire more Navigators. So, go get ’em team Netscape!!!

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