Netscape Month One: 20,000 stories and 34,000 registered users

Everyone is debating Netscape’s traffic only 30 days into the change. Of course, folks use Alexa which is flawed since it doesn’t count any Netscape Browser users. I’m sure our Alexa rank would be 50-100 ranks higher if they did. Also, folks don’t realize that we lost double-digit % traffic when Netscape email users moved to AIM’s email client (which is newer, more stable, and 2GIG), so we lost a lot of traffic on July 1st.

Regardless, I get to see some of the internal data and it’s great. Also, even Alexa shows the uptick over the past four weeks (aka the first four weeks :-).

However, the most important stats are not page views right now…. nope, the most important stats are users registered, votes, comments, and stories submitted.

Today we broke 20,000 stories submitted and 34,000 members (you can watch this at the tracker yourself here: ).

About two weeks ago site owners realized that getting on the Netscape home page drives more traffic than DIGG or Slashdot, and the smart ones are participating at Netscape. That is what this is all about…. people participate by making and posting great content, and they get paid back with tens of thousands of visitors in a single day.

If you own a site I encourage you to post your best stories into Netscape–your competitors are! 🙂

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