Nicholas Carr nails it.

I love it when people think first and then post (as opposed to some people who just throw out flames because they’re friends with certain folks). Think about things for a little bit and you will come up with logical, well-thought out blog posts like this one by Nicholas Carr. He nails it when he talks about why the masses in crowdsourcing have not been paid:

“We weren’t yet able to assign a value – in monetary terms – to what these workers were doing; we weren’t even able to draw distinctions between what they were contributing. We couldn’t see the talent for the crowd.”

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Nick Denton, and Brian and I at WIN, came up with a system for blogs: paying bloggers by the post. Most folks had a problem with this and wouldn’t take the risk. What if they write a two line post? What if they spend 10x on one post as another? What if they just point to something? What if the post takes them five minutes?

Who cares? Look at how much you make from the post and assign a value to the 300 posts a person does over the month (in our world it’s $7-12 a post).

Same thing with social bookmarking… no one has a system and we just came up with a system. $1,000 for AT LEAST 150 stories. Is that too much? Maybe. Not enough? Perhaps… time will tell and we will work it out. You have to start somewhere people!

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