Best DRM cracking software for iTunes/iPod on Windows?

If I had like five computers and six ipods–let’s say–and I need to get songs I *paid* for off one and on to the others what software could I buy to do this?

I can’t believe that I’ve bought over 10 ipods in my life, and spents thousands on music, only to have to jump through hoops to move my music around–it’s a disaster. This DRM stuff hurts the best paying cusomters most… I wish Steve Jobs would just un-DRM the whole darn thing and let me move my music around.

I just want to back stuff up and I’m finding when I turn off my old comuters and move my iPods around the whole library is out of synch. Ugh, ugh, ugh… I hate you ipod. Well, I love you when you work… I just hate you for all this DRM stuff!

One thought on “Best DRM cracking software for iTunes/iPod on Windows?

  1. reap what you sew.

    In this case, support a company like apple, and learn: THIS IS THEIR TRUE PHILOSOPHY.

    learn it well and this will never happen to you again.

    -the orange 🙂

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