If I was doing a new startup…

Free startup idea of the day… If I *was* going to do a new startup I would go to ZeFrank and Amanda and offer them 5-10% of the equity in a video studio, raise ~$1M in cash, find two to four more Amanda/ZeFrank-level talent, and use them as the anchors to bring in 20 more shows. Get to 10M video downloads a day and you’re done–you got a huge business (10M impressions x average $5 CPM = nice size business).

No one has made the online video studio work online yet… and I’m thinking the time to strike is now. The broadband showed up two years ago, and now the talent is showing up… it’s only a matter of time before someone gets this right.

Of course, I’ve already got a great startup to run… it’s called AOL LLC.

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