You Suck!

As I tell everyone back at “The Ranch,” — the first step in sucking less is knowing that you suck. In that spirit–and in the spirit of rule #16–please feel free to tell me how to:

a) Make Weblogs, Inc. better
b) Make Netscape better
c) Make this blog better
d) Make to make AOL better (I have less control of this one, but I can try!)
e) Make Google Search better (I have not control over this, but I’m interested in hearing how you would make the best product on the Internet even better!)

Feel free to be nice, but if we’ve done something that has offended you and makes you want to scream and shout feel free to put the caps lock on and vent–we can handle it. As I tell everyone on The Ranch, the folks who are screaming sometimes have the best points so disregard the screaming part and search for the actionable items in their rants.

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