High and Low (or “How to love members… shall I count the ways?”)

We’re up, we’re down… we gotta keep getting better. Fankly, this is very simple: we must worship our users. We have to love them more than Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

How do you show love in our world? Let me count the ways:

  1. More disk space
  2. Better screen real estate
  3. Faster servers
  4. Better editorial
  5. More features
  6. More support
  7. Better design
  8. Less ads
  9. Less annoying ads
  10. Less obnoxious ads
  11. More targeted ads
  12. Take that which is paid and make it free
  13. Anticipate members needs and fill them
  14. Surprise members with fun, new experiences
  15. Communicate with members open and freely
  16. Listen to members–then listen to them some more
  17. Treat members how you would like to be treated
  18. Be honest with members–always
  19. Don’t do anything sneaky because a) members are smart and will bust you, b) life is so short–why would you want to be a sneak?, and c) this is a long-term business, the short term is meaningless.
  20. Respect your members wishes above all else. If they don’t love you any more that is their choice, and it’s an opportunity for you to reflect on why they don’t love you (consider it a free focus group)
  21. Let people consume your product on their terms with their software, browser, device, hardware or operating system (this is also known as the “don’t be Microsoft rule”).

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