Press Roundup: Ross the Boss; my new official biographer; AOL/TW in the news (no comment); and DIGG 3.0

from the press clipping box:

  1. My pal Ross @ Newscorp got some nice ink this week by my other pal Om Malik in Business 2.0.
  2. John Heilemann, who’s now on my short list of people to write my biography (I kid, I kid), did a very nice piece (shocking!) in New York Magazine. The piece gives way too much attention to the meaning behind me being at AOL. I mean, is it really important enough for two pages in New York Magazine??! Is there some amazing symbolism to an entrepreneur like me giving up the startup life and passing on all VCs who call every week in order to be the #15 or 20 “suit” at one of the biggest media and technology companies in the world?!? Will I be able to get to EVP–or gasp!–President of a division before someone gets me fired?!?! It’s funny to be the subject of a piece like this (in case you haven’t been). Some very smart person puts all their brainpower into figuring out the deep meaning of your behavior, when in reality you may just be a normal guy just going to work every day. I mean, do people thing I have some grand, master plan to all of this?!?! 😉
  3. WSJ on TimeWarner…. I have no comment, I am but a suit. 🙂
  4. Some news coming out of Europe about AOL’s connectivity business.
  5. DIGG 3.0 had a great launch… congrats to Kevin and Jay (even though they’re having a field day dogging me of late!).

Did I miss anything? Anyone want me to comment on anything else?

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