Netscape Updates: Bookmarklet & Who Voted

Couple of updates:

1. We made a Netscape bookmarklet…. you can drag and drop it to your link bar from here:

2. We added “Who voted on this story?” at the bottom of the permalink page.

3. Lifehacker is the #1 story on Netscape’s DIY Channel. Little Nicky posted that Gawker blogs were not being included on the New Netscape–HE JUST DIDN’T CHECK! (That’s Gawker’s standard blogging process–print a lie, admit you screwed up, but never change the error… sort of Jayson Blair style). Anyway, all sites have an equal chance at getting to the top of the user ranking on Netscape. Gizmodo, LifeHacker and Kotaku has many, many stories in the New Netscape. The site will only work if we give everyone an equal chance–we get that.

Bunch more features coming up… we’re optimizing for speed as well.

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