I’m in aSmallWorld.com — I feel so Euro.

I was invited to aSmallWorld recently and I’ve been surfing around in it and it feels like hanging out at Cipriani with a bunch of Euro-players eating $27 pasta and $14 Bellinis.

In other words I feel totally out of place.

These folks are globe trotting so much they have a widget on the top level where you can pick where in the world you are (right). I’m so low-rent I can’t even invite my friends. That sort of parallels my life… I can get myself into the club, but don’t have the juice to get my low-rent friends in (no offense to my low-rent friends :-).

5 thoughts on “I’m in aSmallWorld.com — I feel so Euro.

  1. How did you manage to get invited?

    I have a few friends in ASW but they don’t have invitation privileges… any idea what I can do to get an invitation?


  2. I aws just reading you comment on you page and realized that there are many ways of saving money while traveling as well as paying little for a 3 or 4 star hotel. As a matter of fact I am creating a web site for my personal business about this subject since I am very well traveled in Europe. Now my question is How does one get invited into aSmallWorld?. I do not have any friends in it but I would like to participate. Thank you and good luck

  3. Even when you’re in the club, you don’t have the power to invite non-members. Once you’ve earned some #streetcred with the locals by getting added by 3 unrelated friends, you have the right to send invites.

    However, any abuse of these invites, such as inviting “nobodys” or “reporters” will get you black-balled, relegating you to their subdomain abigworld.net where you have limited access to profiles, discussions, chat features and are back to zero invites.

    Not certain it’s worth the time, but at least the price is right.

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