Some folks are really digging the new Netscape (and some thoughts on “rehashing” on social news site)

It’s amazing, some folks are really adding a lot of great stories to the system… check thes folks out:

JTintle: 59 stories!

TimALoftis :60 stories!

NewHotness: 47 stories!

We’re gonna build a leaderboard soon that will show these folks. Site owners are welcome to come to the site and submit all their stories, of course. Smart ones are doing this now so that when the current Netscape switches over they will get all the traffic.

Note to site owners: don’t post “rehashed” stories. A rehash means you are just pointing to another story where someone else did the work. If you rehash a story we will take out your link and point directly to the original. This is just good manners in our mind, and it’s one of the problems with DIGG right now. Someone who doesn’t “own the story” can hijack a story and get all the traffic for it.
Now, if you are pointing to an original story and providing some significant additional value (commentary, more facts, etc) that’s totally OK–use your judgment.

Anyone have feedback on “rehashing” to share? I think this is the best process, but I’m interested in people’s feedback.

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