Our PR department is amazing! (or Netscape PR recap)

Just got a list from my amazing PR department with some of the massive coverage we got for the launch last week.

We did 26 analyst/press briefings which is more briefings than we’ve done on any tour in seven years I’ve been told. I think every, single outlet said yes–wild!

For five days last week I did up to nine, 45-minute presentations of the new Netscape. It was exhasuting, but amazing. It’s so great to have the resources of such a professional, fun, and intelligent PR department. I hate PR… I never do it, I just build stuff and let the chips fall.

Now that I’ve seen how GOOD PR is done I’m changing my position. It’s really, really powerful to do a press tour if you have a *qualified* PR group. Thanks Andrew, John, Linda, Lisa, Lauren, and everyone else in the group that helped out!

Amazing…. great work.

Netscape Print & Online Coverage

Netscape set for overhaul



Associated Press

AOL to revamp its Netscape.com Web portal


Netscape reborn again as blog-era news site


AOL Remakes Netscape.com, Ranks News By…

New York Times

AOL to Turn Netscape Site Into a Newspaper of Sorts

Washington Post

AOL Retools Netscape.com Portal

LA Times

Web Users to Make News on Netscape Relaunch

San Francisco Chronicle

Netscape digging for a second act


Netscape to Take On Slashdot

PC Magazine

Netscape Embraces Web 2.0 for New Site


Netscape goes Digg


AOL Relaunches Netscape.com To Challenge Digg and YouTube


Netscape Site Revamp Looks Familiar to Some


New Netscape Taps the Wisdom of Crowds

MediaPost Publications

AOL Revamps Netscape As Collaborate News Portal

Jupiter Research

Netscape: the New New Thing?


AOL-Netscape Launches Massive “Digg Killer”

CNET News.com

New Netscape.com focuses on news


Netscape Back With Hybrid Journalism Site

Red Herring

Netscape Makes the Social News


Netscape.com Reborn as Digg Rival


Netscape.com Relaunched as a User-Driven News Aggregation Site; Calacanis is GM, Netscape

San Jose Mercury News

Netscape.com to be revived as `social news site’

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Times Online

Extra! Extra! Netscape to change into a news site

iMedia Connection

Netscape Relaunches with Blog Focus


New Netscape.com portal to let users vote on what gets shown

Crain’s New York

Netscape.com returns with new look and focus

NewsFactor Magazine

AOL’s Netscape Web Portal Is Reborn


Netscape Is Back

Search Engine Watch

Netscape Aims To Be Digg 2.0, Slashdot 3.0 With Community News Model

ClickZ News

AOL Tries to Revive Netscape.com with Digg-Like Content

Good Morning Silicon Valley



Netscape 2.0: Netscape.com gets social


AOL prepares to launch Digg killer


AOL Turns Netscape into Digg-like News Portal


AOL diggs revamped Netscape site

Computer Business Review

AOL resurrects business IM and Netscape

IP Democracy

AOL May Actually Have a Winner in New Netscape

All Headline News

AOL To Revamp Its Netscape.Com Web Portal

Blogging Stocks

Netscape.com relaunched as web 2.0 media site


Netscape, AOL Look to Crush the Web 2.0 Out of Digg, Reddit

PortalIT News

AOL Turns Netscape into Digg-Alike Portal

Digital Bulletin

AOL relaunches Netscape in new guise of news site

The Inquirer

Netscape does a Digg


Netscape.com Relaunched As News Site


Digg meets YouTube = Good; AOL ripping off Digg = Bad

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