Netscape News gets first quote–from New York Times!

I didn’t even see this on Saturday’s New York Times… but looks like the Netscape News team got their first mention two days after launch. The meta-journalism thing is gonna be big. 🙂

From Jump Shots to Journalism By DAN MITCHELL
17 June 2006 New York Times

What Part of ‘Cancel’?

Vincent Ferrari of New York had heard horror stories from people who tried to cancel their AOL accounts. So when he decided to do so, he taped his conversation with a customer service representative. ”Jon” made things very difficult for Mr. Ferrari.

”Just cancel the account; please, just cancel the account,” Mr. Ferrari repeated over Jon’s persistent questions. At the end, Jon insisted on making Mr. Ferrari sit through a sales pitch before he would pull the plug. According to Netscape News, Jon is no longer working at AOL. The audio is available on Mr. Ferrari’s blog at

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