Navigator Frame Fixed on New Netscape

The most hated and loved feature of the New Netscape has been the Navigator feature. When you click to visit a site we frame the site with a bar on the left that shows related stories.

The concept of the Navigator was:

1. You could visit the site and then vote on it. As opposed to on DIGG, where many folks vote then visit, or visit and then have to go back and vote. Here you could do it on the same page.
2. You would get related links and be able to quickly surf through them. So, if you left the site to read a Paris Hilton story you would get related Paris Hilton stories.

Of course, some people hate the whole concept of framing–they think it is evil. I think it is evil if you do it to make money off someone else’s work, but I think it is ok if you use it for navigation. The DIGG users think we did this to make extra money, but that’s not true–we don’t make any extra money with the Navigator.

Regardless we did two huge things last night (you can see screen shot below):

a) We made the Navigator ~50% thinner.
b) We put a button at the bottom so you could turn it off FOREVER.

Once again the DIGGsters have given us the best advice and we’re responding as quick as possible.

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