MacBook Pro Wifi Problems

Why does wifi suck on my brand new, $3,000, dual boot MacBook Pro? I’ve been on five or six different wifi networks and most of them can’t connect and go from fast to slow in some random pattern.

You’ll sit there waiting for five tabs to load in Firefox for 90 seconds and nothing… then BANG! they all load in four seconds.

I see there is a long thread over at Apple support about it… what is the story!??! How could apple ship a new product like this–with a huge price tag–and have the wifi suck?!

Very frustrating to have a Ferrari that stalls half the time… Steve Jobs where are you!?!?

2 thoughts on “MacBook Pro Wifi Problems

  1. I struggled about 2 weeks and finally got the issue last night.
    Looks like there’s DNS issue on your MacBook.
    I recorded how I fixed the problem in my BLOG, hope it help you too.

  2. I have the same issue. After “upgrading” to 10.5.6, wifi speed plummeted so that it is pretty much unusable. Downloads also just stop which is frustrating. This is a MBP with 2.4 GHz Core 2 and 4GB of RAM. I know it is the laptop as every other device I connect to on the network runs VERY fast and it has been repeated over multiple networks.

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