To the people I work with: Less phone calls, more email and IM please.

This is a general rant to my phone/conference call addicted peers: STOP THE MADNESS!!!!

1. We can’t have 20 phone calls a day. It’s a waste of time and resources. All phone calls should be under 10 minutes.
2. We work for an Internet company. Email and IM are more efficient, so please–for the love of God–can we use email and IM first and phone/conference calls as a backup?!?!!?
3. If you want to work with me and my team please do it in email. We’re a small team and we’re getting crushed by the number of groups at AOL that want to have hour-long conference calls.

Now, I’m not saying the conference call is not important… I’m just saying we can’t do them all day long because we have to get some work done!

That’s it…. end rant. 🙂

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