Close minded or brilliant?

According to the LA Times, when asked if he would see Gore’s film on global warming Bush responded “Doubt it.”

That’s not shocking, but defiantly disturbing. Given all the issues around global warming why wouldn’t you exposure yourself to as much information as possible? If you see the film and learn something that’s great. If you see the film and disagree that’s fine too–you can debate the issue.

It’s this kind of attitude that makes Bush look like such an idiot to so many people.

However, as time goes on I’m thinking Bush does this whole tough guy who doesn’t like intelligent pursuits thing to appeal to the masses. If that’s what he is doing it’s kind of brilliant: instead of pulling people up and pushing them to think bigger, you just dismiss the challenging stuff and stick to simple themes.

[ Note: I know I’m not the first person to put this theory out there, but when I read the “doubt it” quote it just inspired me. 🙂 ]

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