Update: Hudson Hotel responds.

The VP of Marketing left me a message yesterday after he found my post while “reading some blogs.” He said he wants to make up for my horrible experience, and when I checked out today the hotel had charged me for only three of my five nights. That seems about right to me since it took them two days to fix the broken window in my room, a fiasco that resulted in a noisy and cold stay. The thermostat for the heaters in the hotel room don’t actually work I as told by maintenance because the heating system doesn’t turn on unless it’s under 50 degrees out–it was 54/56 degrees this week. So, just cold enough to give me the head cold I now I have.

Anyway, I give them credit for reading blogs and for checking the last name on my blog against the registry at the Hudson Hotel. If you can get that right shouldn’t you be able to fix a broken window and a heating system?

Someone should start a blog about customer service fiascos…. oh wait!

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