The Hudson Hotel is the worst hotel in the world.

I’ve been staying at the Hudson Hotel in New York City since some of the other hotels I like are full. It’s one of Ian Schrager’s hip hotels.

This is the worst experience I’ve ever had in my life. My window was broken for two nights and wouldn’t close and my heat has be broken as well. There is dirt and dust balls everywhere. Also, the room is tiny for the price–but whatever.

I had to ask four times over two days to get the window fixed, and the heat is still blowing bold air. The manager says it can’t blow hot air because the boilers not on. Why isn’t the boiler on? Because it’s not cold enough he says. but it’s 56 degress outside and these windows are super drafty,

When you call the front desk no one picks up for 30-40 rings. It took me five phone calls tonight to get a manager on the phone.

When I did he offered me a free drink. I told him thanks but no thanks and he got all upset with me and was like “what do you want?”

uhhh… here is what i would like fopr $450 a night:

1. a clean room.
2. a courteous staff.
3. a window that closes.
4. heat that works.
5. someone who picks up the phone.
6. a manage with enough of clue that if the five things above are not done you might want to offer the guest more than a cocktail.

Never again…. this place is a total dump.

PS – If you are unfortunate enough to stay here make sure that you stay on a low floor because the elevators are super slow and tiny. It takes over 10 minutes to wait for an elevator sometimes, and when you get in they are the dumb elevators that stop on every floor even though they are already filled beyond capacity.

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