Comment of the Day: “I would *LOVE* AIM Light.”

From Mitch, who comment on my AIM Light thread:

I would *LOVE* an AIM Light. Something with the barebones
IM features (no games, news, stocks, etc..)

I would also love to have offline messaging (like Yahoo
Messenger), but I guess this is not the place to ask for that.

Posted at 8:38AM on May 12th 2006 by mitch 0 stars

Response from Jason:

I think we (AOL) should put AIM Light in the download pack with AIM Triton. So, when you go to the folder in your Start Menu you would have it there. People with slow computers or who need all their memory for other apps could load AIM Light most of the time, and some times load the larger, more feature-rich, Triton version. So, if you’re running AIM Light and someone tries to hit you up for a video or audio chat you would get a message that says “JasonCalacanis is trying to start a video chat with you. In order to engage the video chat you need to Launch AIM Triton.”

[ Note: I stole the comment of the day concept from Fred. ]

Second Place: Brian Breslin (on same post/topic).


I think I’d pay $1/month or so for a LITE aim client which
didn’t crash my computer, let me dock, and had decent
message handling. I have NEVER willingly clicked on
an ad in AIM, so i’m sure you guys would get more
revenue out of me at least.

Posted at 11:31AM on May 12th 2006 by 0 stars

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