My new #1 Goal Inside AOL: Put AIM on a diet.

This is kind of crazy: AIM6 takes up 171meg of my computer’s memory while Yahoo Pager takes up just 10% of that amount. I love all the new features in AIM, but it is waaaaaaaaayyyyy to fat. All my friends tell me it slows down their machines and they are pissed off about it–I think they’re right.

Now, some folks love the features and don’t care about the memory footprint or how long it takes to load (like 10x as long as the old AOL Messenger 5.9 which you can get here), but I think most people do. My suggestion is we make AIM Light…. the light version of AIM. Have it come in at like 10k or something.

I’ll keep you posted to my progress–people seem very open to the discussion so far.

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