Much better AIM!

Just downloaded the latest beta release of AIM Triton (version, which you can find in the beta section of the AIM download page.

As you can see it dropped from 171MEG I reported earlier to 65MEG… we’re still more than 2x the size of Yahoo, but that’s a lot better. I guess the lesson here is that we should have held Triton back a couple of more months. I hope folks take the time to upgrade (or that we get this beta ready for people quickly).

The thing about IM clients is that you have them loaded 24×7 so they *can’t* be fat or chunky or buggy. I’d still like to get a 1-5MEG client–somthing super fast on load and super light in terms of memory usage. AIM Light would be a hit with the high and low end of the market I’m sure–people who either care about performance or who have crummy computers that can’t take any more memory hit.

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